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Where to start...First off I am a 31 year old who is currently living near Columbus Ohio. I'm originally from Belmont County, Ohio. I currently working as an IT professional. This gives me a great deal of time to research information about among other things, points of interest regarding this site. I guess you could say I'm a geek in more way than one way.

One of my non outdoor activates is volunteering as a support technician for protonic.com. We strive to fill a gap in most technical support. Whereas most technical support will solve your immediate problem. We strive to not only solve the issue at hand, but also educate "clients" why the problem arose and how to avoid it in the future. If you are in need of help or have some technical skills and want to help. Feel free to drop by the site and ask a question or apply to become a tech.

When I'm not out exploring, my interests usually turn to automotive things. One of my favorite activities is to go wander around a junk yard. Columbus has quite a few "U Pull It" places that only charge $1 to get in and wander around. You never know what you'll find and it really fun for me. I really enjoy working on, modifying, and generally discussing automotive things.

Other than that, I'm pretty laid back and usually just hanging out.

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