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This site is both a place of national mourning and a place of national pride. It's the tomb of 2 presidents, many unknown soldiers, national hero's, and just a ton of history. Some of my favorite spots is John F. Kennedy's Tomb, The Tomb of the Unknown, Arlington House. I've been to Arlington twice, once in 5th grade as part of a class trip, and then in 2003 when I went to Washington for a wedding. I can't wait to return for a 3rd trip.


On the left is the memorial to the Challanger crew. On the right is a memorial to marines who died in a helecopter crash trying to rescue hostages in Iran.

I stumbled across this grave by accident. I can't remember if this was near the Amphitheater or the Tomb of the Unknown. But I noticed a grave with a little chain fence thing around it. I have to say this was a very pleasent suprise.

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