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This was the 1st and my favorite cemetery of my visit to Michigan. This one is kind of out in the middle of no where, but is very well maintained. This cemetery is located near the intersection of Willard Rd & M15. I had originally called it 'Williard Road Cemetery' because I could find no name for the cemetery. I have since received an email stating that the name is Hopkins Cemetery, and the lady that emailed me informed me that her husband's family had donated the land for the cemetery. For me, the back story makes the cemetery even more cool.

I'm suprised this cemetery is as well maintaned as it is. As you can see there basically is nothing for atleast 300 yards in either direction.

There were no damaged stones in this yard. Some of them had fallen over, but this is by far one of the best kept cemeteries, I've ever seen. The picture on the right is a member of the family that donated the land for this cemetery.

Veteran of the Civil War & the Indian Wars.

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