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St. Clairsville (also knows as "Saint Clairsville"or just "STC"), Ohio is the county seat of Belmont County. The town is dominated by 3 items. The first and most noteable is the Belmont County Courthouse. This large structure can be seen from roughly 4 miles away at night. The other 2 structures are the two water towers located very near the courthouse. They can also been seen from a great distance away. St. Clairsville is sometimes known as "Paradise on the Hill".

Above is the Belmont County Courthouse, this picture was taken from nifty website about Belmont County. If you are familiar with the story of Louiza Catharine Fox, you know that Thomas Carr was hanged on or near the site of the Belmont County Courthouse. One website I have read mentions that he was hung between the courthouse and the county jail (ajecent to the courthouse on the other side of the building). The site goes on to say that he was buried on the courthouse grounds. After reading that, I wanted walk the site (about 2 blocks large) and find it. Then I realized that the current court house was built in 1886, and the murder occured in 1869. I have since recieved an email stating that the old Belmont County Court House was located on or near the current location of the "Sippers Cafe" and that Thomas Carr was buried in an unmarked grave in the Methodist Cemetery, which I refer to as the old section of Union Cemetary.

Other points of intrest are Union Cemetary on the north end of town, which is accessable from Ohio SR 9, heading north out of town. This is the modern portion of the cemetary. You can access the older part of Union Cemtary from Newlle Ave, which runs parelle to Main Steet (US 40) in St. Clairsville. This part of the cemetary contains the typical sandstone tombstones that are very worn, trees growing up , broken head stones, and that sorts. I used to live basically between the new and old sections of the cemetary. These sections are sepearted and you have to travel on residentual streets to go between them. I walked through the old portions as a shortcut to school every morning. I never experienced out of the ordinary. Now the cemetary on the top of Barton Hill, was a different story. I lived near that cemetary at one point too.

Other attractions will appear as they are documented.

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