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The main reason for the trip into Egypt Valley with members of Grave Addiction was to search for the lost town of Egypt, Ohio. The information I have so far is that there was a post office that was decommisioned in 1905.

According to "A Study of the Origin of Place Names of Belmont County Ohio", Egypt, in the Stillwater valley, was begun in 1826 when James Lloyd erected a flour mill in section 3.  The reason for the name is in doubt.  It has been suggested that the valley was a fine corn country and so the name Egypt would be appropriate.  Egypt post office was established, December 11,1883 with Lewis E. Perkins as postmaster.  It was discontinued June 15, 1905. The town has ceased to exist sometime after that.  I also received an email from a gentleman that was born in Egypt Valley in 1925. He shed some further light on the actual location of the town of Egypt, Ohio. Research at this point, indicates that the town was at or near where Salem Ridge Road is blocked off about 1/4 of a mile from where it used to meet County Road 100. I say "used to meet" because the bridge has since washed out and the county has no intention of replacing it.

Sadly, due to maps not being completely accurate. When we went to Egypt Valley in search of the town of Egypt, we hiked the wrong direction. We did come across the old B&O right of way through the valley and off to the side was concrete rail road ties. This is the first and only time I have ever seen them.

On the left is where the road is blocked off. On the right is where the old bridge used to stand. This location is only a few hundred feet from where the road is blocked off.

Click here for a link to my gallery with all the images I can find on the bridge out and the search for egypt.

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