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Morristown, Ohio

Morristown, Ohio is another quaint little town in Belmont County. This is probably one of the older "towns" that still has a decent population. I mean "older" in in terms of the age of the town and the general feel. There are still many very old buildings in this town. There is also a the Union Township Cemetery in the back part of the town. Morristown also has an older cemetary known as Pioneer Cemetery.

This town has stories of being haunted, but I am not sure of any specific stories. I do however, have an experience. One late night in 2001 (probably about 12:30am) my wife and I went for a drive. We were back visitng my parents and had left our daughter with my parents so we could get away for a short time. We ended up driving around as we often did. For some reason we ended up driving down US 40 headed east. Anyone familiar with the area knows about The End of 40 & Egypt Valley. Those two facts along with the fact that the car we were driving was less than 6 months old, the decision was made to shortcut through Morristown, to circle back around to US 40 to go to my parents house in St. Clairsville.

As the locals know, there are 3 ways to access Morristown from US 40. From either direction, or a road in the middle. We turned up the road in the middle of town. This brought us up to "The Black Horse Inn". I have heard stories that this building is haunted, but no specifics.

Anyways, we made a right turn at the stop where the dark horse sits on the corner and start heading out of town. At that point that we stopped next to the inn, I felt a presense. It was somebody sitting in the back seat. He was sitting in the middle and I got the impression he was sitting foward enjoying the idle chatter between myself and my wife. As we neared the junction road to get back on US 40, the presense was gone. When I mentioned that I just had a wierd feeling, she told me a similar story about somebody in the back seat. I did not dare look into my rear view mirror for fear that I might see a face.

If you know anything about any hauntings in Morristown, please let me know.

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