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Another aspect of US Route 40 are the parts that were removed or rerouted during the 1930's as part of public works projects. Once such example is the "S" Bridge in Blaine. It is called an "S" bridge of it's shape. There was a time when bridge building technology would only allow bridges to cross water at a 90 degree angle. So, the road on either side of the bridge had to be curved so the brige could be perpendicular to the water.

The following pictures were emailed to me in 2005. At the time, the bridge was in the process of being restored. As of March 2007, I drove down by the bridge and the restoration was complete. I must say the bridge is in very nice shape and looks very good. I just wish I had my camera with me to get some pictures. I hope to get pictures the next time I am in Belmont County.

Update: On January 16th, 2009, I spoke with a lovely lady named Helen who provided me with a host of information. In the course of the conversation, we were disucssing US Route 40 and it being moved/widened in the 1930's. We started discussing the original right of way, and I mentioned the S Bridge. While we continued to talk, I pulled up some maps of the area and it appears that Pasko Rd ma be the old right of way. The road appears to run next to US Route 40, before making a sharp turn to connect with 40. The aeral photography of the area still shows a difference in the trees that draw a line from where Pasko Rd makes it sharp turn to where it would connect with the current US Route 40 right of way.

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