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Even though this cemetery was just blocks from the house I lived in, in high school. I had never explored it. I was quite suprised. The first plat was laid in 1797 (way older than I thought) and this cemetery houses an english Baron (huge suprise). My visit was pretty uneventful with the exception of when I walked up by the community mausoleum, I could almost swear I could hear men talking and what sounded like them using pick axes, hammers, and chisles inside. The doors were locked so I couldn't enter.

On the left, is the sign on the entrance. On the right is what looks like it should have been a fountain.

Two of the oddest things I saw. On the left is what appears to be a bowl (with old nasty water in it) and a bird. On the right, this stone was sitting off by it's self. No clue what it stands for.

UPDATE: (11/11/2006) Myself, Beth (from Grave Addiction), and Justin from Belmont County visited this cemetery. Below are some pictures of things I missed on my first visit. Pictures were from my cell phone and due to weather, photography conditions were less than ideal.

On the left, is a cool plaque about the creation of the cemetery. On the right is a stone with what appear to be a cross inlaid into it.

This is a very early form of photography. I'm told they are very rare to still see them intact in a head stone. I count myself lucky for having seen this and hope to go back soon to take better pictures of it.

Click here for a link to the full gallery of this cemetery.

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