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This was the prize for visiting Lakeview Cemetery. Ever since reading about it on Dead Ohio, I knew I wanted to visit it. When I was there, there was a guy at this sort of information desk. When I asked him about the 'ballroom', he sort of laughed and and told me that there was no offical ballroom. Above the observation deck is a 2nd rotunda that was never finsihed due to lack of funds. This was sometimes used to house dances. This 2nd rotunda has been closed since 1994. I also got on the list to be notified the next time the open up areas usually closed off to the public. The guy at the info desk said they usually do that about twice a year.

Dead Ohio also mentions several closed off passages. This is because the tomb contains 2 sprial stair cases that go to the basement, up to an area above the rotunda, then up to the observation deck, where they are gated off, and where you could go to the 2nd rotunda. Along the way both staircases have a locked door on the way up. It is between the area looking down on the rotunda & the observation deck. Also, in the crypt was a door that was standing open. I was in the crypt alone and was too chicken to enter. When I got back to the top, I mentioned it to the info desk guy. He told me that the door was warped and didn't close all the way. So it could not be locked. He said it was just a sort of storage room that had a locked door to the furnace room. I'm assuming this is where the two spiral stair cases go from the main floor.

On the left is sign for the memorial. On the right describes the layout of the building. The large round portion are the rotunda's and the main part of the structure. The smaller round structure is the spriral stair case. And the square portion has the observation deck on top and houses the entrance to the building.

On the left is looking at the entrance, and on the right is me standing at the entrance.

On the left, looking at the statue of President Garfield. On the right is a painting above in the area where the info desk is setup.

Two more of the statue.

Looking down on the statue & up to the celing from the walk way around the rotunda.

I wish it wasn't so hazy. This would have been an awesome city scape from the observation deck. A friend claims she saw the lake from up here.

President Garfield, his wife, daughter, and son in law. Also, his son is said to be buried outside on the grounds of the memorial.

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