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I had originally heard about this cemetery on Grave Addiction and being as it was not very far from my house, I knew I had to check it out. From what I understand, this cemetery is not longer active (or if so there are very few plots left), but it still seemed a bit more modern than Mt. Wood Jewish Cemetery. This cemetery is located at the corner of Alum Creek Drive & Integrity Drive in Columbus, Ohio. Parking is non existing in the cemtery (along with a place to turn around), so I whould highly suggest finding other parking if you plan to visit.

On the loeft is the plaque near the entrance. On the left is a huge tree growing in the middle of the cemetery.

The detail and effort put into some of the markers is amazing..

For the small size of the cemetery, there are quite afew markers with images inlayed in them. This is more than I have seen in other more sizeable cemeteries.

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