Midwest Lost Frequently Asked Questions

What is Road Geek?

A road geek is a person that basically enjoys the trip as much as the destination. For a better explanation, check out this site.

Why Do You Do This?

I’ve always been curious in about things that are mechanical. There’s something about the nature of mechanical things. I have a real fondness for industrial type machinery. There’s just something powerful and sturdy about it. I also like old things, maybe it’s my nature because I collect things or enjoy wandering junk yards for fun. From there it was only a natural progression to abondoned, haunted, and forgotten items. Other than that, I believe the is as fun as the destination.

How Do You Research “Field Trips?

Most information comes by word of mouth, or research online. People you know who may or may not be into exploring will usually tell you about places that you may want to visit. A wealth of information comes from browsing websites and reading about somewhere you would like to check out. Or you are looking up some information online and read about a place. And that makes you think of a site you know of, but have never thought about visiting. Once a place is chosen, I find that map sites like Google Maps and Yahoo Mapsare great. The hybred pictures that overlay things like roads over areial photo’s is great. Google’s Earth program is another great tool. It has all of the same features as the Google Map’s, but allows you to save locations for future reference or just to share the location of something cool.

What Do You Take on a “Field Trip”?

First things first, a camera is a good thing. That is if you want to document your trip. I have a decent 2 megapixal digital camera and I sometimes take disposable camera as a backup. Other than the camera, other common things are a notepad with pen, usually some form of backpack or other bag to carry things, usually afew bottles of water or a sport drink, extra batteries, and a very light first aid kit. Beyond that, it depends on what I plan on doing. I usually have my 3 D cell mag light, and several other smaller flashlights. Other things are if I plan to do alot of hiking or I know I could encounter mud or water, I have a pair of military surplus combat boots. These come in handy for alot or reason including protecting my feet if I come across something sharp. Also in my car, I carry afew more items that may be of use. This includes a 12×12 peice of indoor/outdoor carpet, a small toolbox, a can of fix a flat, automotive booster box, handheld CB radio, and ofcourse the car I usually drive on back roads also has a full sized spare rather than the doughnut that came with the car.

What if I want to contact you about a more information, a correction, or provide a tip about a site?

If you would like to contact me regarding asking for more information about a site I’ve visted, to correct information I have on my site, or if you would like additional information on a site I have visited. Please feel free to contact me.

Do you worry about getting caught trespassing?

In most places trespassing is not a felony. That is a danger you face when you go to places that you do not have the right to visit. Mainly you do not to go poking around where you can easily be caught. There’s no point in tempting fate. There are also 2 reasons why you are not allowed in most abondoned places.

  • People Damage Them
  • People Get Hurt

So if I may, don’t do things that will get you in trouble or screw it up for the rest of us. Respect where you are, afterall you are a guest. And please DO NOT do anything stupid.

Why do you have ads on your website?

While I have some ads on my website. I promise that they will always be out of the way and will never be annoying like pop up ads or anything. The ads are a small way to help pay for the website. Usually ad revenue makes up about half of the cost of running the website. I also do not plan on making this site into something that is ran purely for profit.

Who are you?

I am just somebody who enjoys an adventure. Beyond that, check out the about me page.