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“Welcome to our guide page, where we’ll be covering some interesting Midwest region facts. We’ll be talking about its history and culture, places to visit and the top Midwest tourist attractions. We’ll also include things to do in Chicago and its nightlife, since it is one of the biggest Midwest tourist attractions. We will also throw in a few interesting Midwest region facts, so stay tuned and keep on reading our little guide!

Midwestern History and Culture

We start our Midwest region facts guide with its history and culture, as it should be. The term Midwestern has been used ever since the 1880s. There were also other variants such as Middle West, the Heartland, Northwest and the Old Northwest, but all of these have fallen out.

As far as Midwest region facts regarding population go, the first people to live in this area were the Indian tribes. Some of which included the Ottawa, Chippewas, Fox, Sacs, Miami and so on. These tribes lived out of hunting, fishing and farming. They even had developed a great trade network that stretched across the whole continent.

The European settling of this area started in the 17th century. The French explored this area and called it New France. It started with the exploration done by Jacque Cartier of the Saint Lawrence River in 1534. The French period ended when the British and the Spanish split New France in 1763. All of these nations have left a mark in the Midwestern culture.

Top Tourist Destinations in the Midwest

There are a lot of Midwest tourist attractions to choose from if you ever travel to there. The Midwest is home to a lot of attractive cities, such as Indianapolis, Cleveland, Milwaukee and of course the biggest one, Chicago. All of these cities have something unique about them and all deserve a special trip to get the most out of. However popular magazines suggest some of the following trips and activities: Mount Rushmore, where you can face the Presidents, the Arch in St. Louis where you can ride the Gateway. You should also visit the Mackinac Islands in Michigan, which will take you a step back in time. Also, you mustn’t avoid Chicago, the greatest city offers a lot of fun and is one of the main Midwest tourist attractions.

Things to Do in Chicago

We continue our Midwest region facts and now we focus on things to do in Chicago. Chicago is a very exciting and lively city that offers a lot. The windy city offers amazing food, mesmerizing skyscrapers and impressive culture. If you are someone who loves to explore and enjoys water, than you should seriously consider the many lake and river cruises Chicago has to offer.  Another interesting activity is the Chicago skydeck. This will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world! Enjoy the breathtaking views and take tons of pictures.

There are also amazing food tours in Chicago. Many agree that the windy city is America’s top food city. If you are someone who enjoys fast food than you’ll be amazed by the pizzas, hot dogs and sandwiches this city has. Culture is also a strong side of this city and if you are in Chicago you must visit the Art Institute.  Furthermore Chicago has amazing parks too. Grant Park and Millennium park are the most popular. Chicago also boasts with an amazing night life, with lots of night clubs and casinos. Many tourists may find strange playing at foreign casinos when visiting another country, because of different laws, or different game selections. Therefore, they continue playing their favorite casino games at online casinos they are used to. For all British people who are visiting Chicago at the moment, by following Top10CasinoList, they can find the top 10 UK online casinos to play at.

Chicago Nightlife

Chicago’s nightlife is something from another world! It offers amazing entertainment and is home to some of the best nightclubs in the USA. There is always something fun to do in Chicago with that kind of nightlife. In addition to the nightclubs, Chicago is also home to a lot of USA casinos. Some of the best casinos have made Chicago their home. These casinos are hosts to some of the biggest poker tournaments. That is what ranks them amongst the top USA casinos. Before heading into one of these world-renowned casinos and spending a fortune, make a plan, and prepare beforehand. Choose a game that you are good at and practice online. Follow this link to read a great article on poker strategies that will help you a ton if you plan on playing this card game. Furthermore, what makes these casinos the best casinos is the fact that they offer a lot of diversity of casino games. They include games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and a lot of slot games. You can make some real money in these casinos too. So if you’re a fan of slots games, blackjack, roulette and other casino games, Chicago has you covered. Currently, online casino games are getting more and more popular, and they are just the same as those found at land-based casinos. When playing online casino games, players receive exciting bonus offers, and if you would like to find an amazing selection of casino games look at here now to get unforgettable and thrilling casino experience.

Unique Facts About Midwest

We’re nearing the end of our Midwest region facts guide and we’ve saved the best for last. We have a few unique Midwest region facts for you. For instance, the Midwest is still considered a cowboy country. People are proud of their history and love to show it.

As far as weather goes, the Midwest winters are cold, long and gray, however the summer is humid and hot. Furthermore, the area around Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska is also known as tornado alley. This area got this name because it has the highest tornado activity in the whole country.”

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