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  • Midwest Lost Myspace Page
  • Midwest Lost Site Blog
  • Midwest Lost Site Photo Gallery

Urban Exploration Websites:

  • Abandoned Ohio
  • Dead Ohio
  • Forgotten Ohio
  • Grave Addiction
  • Illicit Ohio
  • Lost And Found Ohio
  • Ohio Exploration Society
  • Ohio Historical Society
  • Urbex Exploration Site
  • Crossing Planes

Paranormal Websites:

  • Egypt Valley Paranormal Investigations
  • Black Swamp Paranormal


  • Infiltration.Org Zine for urban Exploration

Cemetery Symbolism:

  • Glossary of Victorian Cemetery Symbolism
  • Different Types of Crosses
  • Headstone Symbols
  • Grave Addiction’s Gravestone Symbolism

Misc Websites:

  • Various Survey Maps that date from the late 1800’s until the 1950’s