Western Pa

This tunnel was driven through last spring by myself, Doug, Mike, and afew other friends who share the same automotive intrests. We were just out riding around exploring the sites of Western Pa. The car about to enter the tunnel is one of my cars. While this is kind of freaky because the tunnel is an old rail road tunnel that is a single lane. The road is basically a dirt path but it’s scary to have to enter this tunnel with NO possibility of passing if you meet another car. What adds to the adventure is the single lane metal road bridge on the other side of the tunnel. This was my second time though the tunnel and across the bridge. I felt a bit better this time because I was in my car, rather than my wife’s van (like the first time), and I was the middle car in a 5 car line of cars going through. The first time Mike and Doug convinced me to go first. I was less than impressed.

This is the bridge on the other side of the tunnel. Once again this is my car crossing the bridge.

Once again, my car exiting the bridge. Kinda a cool back road. Doug just told me that they have repaved the road recentally.